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Message from Wojciech Kilar to the participants of the Festival

Katowice, 12.8.2009

I am proud to be the patron of this brilliantly evolving Festival - "Gaude Cantem". I wish all its participants a lot of joy and satisfaction of choral singing - this beautiful and noble discipline. And I wish the organizers many more, equally successful Festivals.

Yours faithfully, Wojciech Kilar

For more information please visit oficial website www.kilar.soundtracks.pl

Message from Piotr Beczała to the participants of the Festival

New York, Metropolitan Opera

Dear Friends of Singing
As a honorary patron of "Gaude Cantem" Festival I would like to thank all its participants, both directors and choir singers, for their interest in the Festival and arrival to the beautiful town of Bielsko-Biała. Choral singing is of great importance in music education, especially the vocal education of children and young people. It helps sensibility to develop and teaches how to communicate in a group. I am happy to know that so many chamber choirs are participating in the Festival as my own adventure with singing started in a chamber choir. I am confident that your programs are excellent and I wish everybody to give the "performance of their dreams" and I wish you one more thing - something, that connects all of us, whether in a Cathedral in Bielsko-Biała or in Metropolitan Opera in New York - I wish you all the Joy of Singing!

Best regards, Piotr Beczała

For more information please visit oficial website www.beczala.com

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