Review of Senior`s Choirs

Date: 16th October 2020

Place: Music School in Bielsko-Biala, ul. Wyspianskiego 5a


Rules of the review:

1. Only amateur adult choirs, where at least 30% are members over 60, can participate in the review.

2. Choir selected to participate in the review is obliged to send set of scores (PDF) of competition compositions not later than on 15th September 2020.

3. Choirs participating in the review are obliged to participate in the inaugural concert - they prepare two songs for the joint performance:

  • They will be announced later.


4. In the Saturday’s festival concerts, choirs prepare a 20 minutes sacral repertoire (concert in a church) or any other repertoire (concert in a community centre, rest-homes). The organizers decide about the place and time of these concerts.


Rules of the review:

1. The repertoire of the review should comprise of unaccompanied, stylistically diverse pieces; at least one song should be composed by a composer from choir’s native country. It is allowed to perform one piece with the accompaniment of instruments.

2. Repertoire submitted to the competition cannot be changed.

3. The time allowed for a performance (including going into and leaving the stage) shall be between  8 to 10 minutes. Choirs not respecting these time limits may lose 2 points of the mark.

4. Order of performances will be drawn by the organizers.

5. Winner of the review is obliged to perform during the final concert of the Festival.

Absence of the group will cause reduction of the mark of 5 points and withdrawal of the granted awards.


Rules of the Jury:

1. The composition of the international Jury will be announced before the beginning of the competition.

2. The Jury of the competition will evaluate: intonation, interpretation, repertoire choice, difficulty level, sound quality and overall artistic impression.

3. Scores granted by the Jury will not be disclosed.

4. All decisions made by the Jury are final.



Cup for the best choir of the review and cash prize.

Złoty Dyplom (Golden Diploma)                              –             90 – 100 points

Srebrny Dyplom (Silver Diploma)             –             75 – 89 points

Brązowy Dyplom (Bronze Diploma)        –             60 – 74 points


Honorable mentions:

  • For the best choir of Bielsko PZChiO department
  • For the most interesting interpretation of a sacral piece
  • For the most interesting interpretation of Polish composer piece


The planned total value of prizes is 20 000 PLN.

The Jury reserves the right to award other prizes.

Cash prizes are subject to taxation according to applicable law

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