Seminar for Conductors of Choirs

Date: 15th-17th October 2020
Place:                   Hall in GOK Mazańcowice, ul. Strzelców Podhalańskich 350  
Music School in Bielsko-Biała, ul. Wyspiańskiego 5a


Seminar for conductors includes:

  • participation  in choirs' workshops,
  • lectures,
  • participation in sessions of unofficial Jury of the Festival (no concern of  conductors taking part in the contest),
  • confrontation of results of unofficial and official Juries.


Costs of accommodation and food are covered by participants individually, didactic costs are covered by organizers.


Workshop songs:


Stanisław Moniuszko – Latin Mass Es-dur (Msza łacińska Es-dur)

Mirosław Gałęski –Sing joyfully (Śpiewaj radośnie)


Agenda of the seminar in details

15th October (Thursday) – participation in workshops
 9.14-13.00          workshops
13.00-16.00        lunch break
16.00-19.00        workshops

16th October (Friday) – participation in workshops

9.15-13.00           workshops
13.00-15.00        lunch break
15.00-17.30        rehersal with solists and orchestra
19.00     The opening concert of the 16th International Choir Festival "Gaude Cantem"

17th October (Saturday)

Music School in  Bielsko-Biała, ul. Wyspiańskiego 5

  9.30-10.30         lecture - Criteria for evaluation of the choir's performance in the competition. Discussion.

11.00-15.00        participation in work of unofficial Jury of the Festival

15.30                     session of unofficial Jury of the Festival

18.30                     confrontation of the results with official and unofficial Jury   

20.00                     The final concert of  the 16th  International Choir Festival „Gaude Cantem”

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